Mint & Cacao

It’s official, dreams do come true! This all-natural smoothie mix combines fresh mint leaves and crunchy cacao nibs to bring you chocolately goodness in a cup. Full of rich nutrients like fiber, potassium, vitamin A, iron and folate, and high in healthy antioxidants, there’s only one thing you’ll be saying after sipping this masterpiece: more please.

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Every one of the many ingredients we source and use in our mixes come from USDA certified organic farmers and producers.


For all those plant-based food lovers out there we are your fix. All of our deliciously mixed frozen smoothie kits are made with 100% vegan ingredients.

Gluten Free

Don’t worry, eat happy. Our fruit and veggie based smoothie kits are 100% Gluten Free, which means you can blend-up, sip-back, and relax.

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It’s not just a recipe for your taste buds, it’s one for your health! The mint leaves in this blend contain vitamin A for eye health & night vision as well as iron, manganese and antioxidants to prevent oxidative stress and damage to cells. It’s also excellent for your tummy, the ingredients used in this kit are known for helping alleviate an upset stomach, indigestion, and IBS symptoms by relaxing muscles in your digestive tract. And that’s just the mint! The rich cacao nibs are known to improve mood from increased endorphins as well as protect the heart and arteries via flavonoids and 

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition Facts

Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 4.32.17 PM.png